On the 1st of May, Tour de Manc will be coming to Salford.

Up to 1250 cyclists across the country will be joining the event and there will be 4 routes to choose from.

The routes are called MAD MANC, CLASSIC MANC, HALF MANC, QUARTER MANC and 2 out of the 4 routes will be passing through Salford.

The Founder of Tour de Manc, Danny Franks, said: “Sometimes we get Famous British cyclists and 800 riders will be coming Liverpool street”.

If you are not interested in joining and just want to know the routes the cyclists’ are going through you can always stand at the side of the road and just watch.

The Chief Executive of Salford council, Tom Stannard, tweeted: “On Sunday 1st May I am due to ride this years 100mile route on the @tourdemanc in support of @JhonMullen1960s fantastic #Salford charities”.

Tour de Man replied to Stannard and they tweeted: “we’ve a lovely new route for you this year.

“sorry but its no eaiser.

“Good luck, well see you on the start line.”




The event starts at 7am and finishes at 5:45pm and if you are interested in participating in the charity event it will cost up to £38 to join

Franks also said that last year they had up to 1,100 cyclists who attended the event.

if you are from Salford and are interested in the event and want to know more information you can go to the website, Tour de Manc: The Rides – Tour de Manc

These are the streets were you can view the cyclists:

Jonathan Cardy, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons


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