A Salford City Radio host has spoken out on the ways to be more environmentally aware, from meditation and practicing gratitude, to growing your own food.

Jane Wood, from Ordsall, is an avid climate change activist who’s contributing to a greener Salford. Through her radio show, run with her partner Mike, they host ‘Green Giraffes and Worms‘ on Salford City Radio which runs every Wednesday at 11am.

Jane Wood with her climate coalition heart hat. Credit: Jane Wood

Some of Jane’s first involvement with climate change activism was the Boxing Day floods in 2015 which resulted 698 properties being flooded.

“One of the first things that got us in to climate change was the Salford floods,” she said.

“We held an event after the floods with Climate Survivors, we brought in all of our politicians involved and our MP came along, we had that gathering and the local people were very involved. It’s very much a people’s movement around the floods. But what we came away with after that gathering was that people weren’t actually relating the floods to climate change, so that’s what we’ve been trying to do over the years.”

In an interview with Callie Treanor, when asked how people can be more environmentally aware Jane spoke of the power of mindfulness and gratitude mediation. Apps such as headspace offer an enlightenment which can bring people more awareness to their surroundings and nature.

Jane said: “There’s a spiritual aspect as well. Mindfulness I find is quite good for that kind of thing. The linking with environment, being aware of nature.”

When talking about Headspace, she said: “The app was talking about how if we are linking with nature and being aware of nature. By looking at the light during the day and how it changes the colours. As the light changes and moves around, it becomes a different colour.”

Jane and her partner Mike Credit Mike Frith.

Jane added: “Also, what I’ve been doing, because of Ukraine really, I’ve been trying to link in with all the meditating groups and counting the number of people that are meditating because it’s all electromagnetism, vibrations, and that kind of stuff

“There’s a heck of a lot of kind people around, the amount of money that they’ve made. Being in that silence, somehow, gets the vibration going. It’s powerful.”

Alongside meditation, Jane is involved with ‘The Incredible Edible’ in Buile Hill Park. It gives locals a chance to learn how to grow own food in communal beds. The group runs every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday afternoon and Sunday mornings. You can find out more here.

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