Organisations that fight against sexism and gender inequality have reacted with fury at the news that controversial restaurant chain Hooters could open at Salford Quays.

The company, whose outlets employ “Hooters Girls” that wear revealing outfits, has submitted a proposal to open at a former Frankie & Benny’s on Capital Quay.

Manchester Women’s rights group are saying ‘#NoToHootersSalford’ by sharing their opinions regarding the US chain on Twitter.

They wrote: “We intend to continue objecting until we are heard!”

“Viewing women as objects to sell food and drink is no longer acceptable in 2022, since #MeToo and the campaigns against casual misogyny and sexism, we have moved past the days when this was considered ok.” Said Womanchester. 

“We feel Hooters breaches equality law in several ways

“It’s a sexist chain, which uses the objectification of women as its selling point, from its name, to the uniform, to the way it treats the female staff.”

 Womanchester are surprised that Hooters would choose a progressive area like Greater Manchester as “the objectification of women is their selling point, and therefore, degrades all women and girls.” They said.

Womanchester has received support and shared objection to Hooters, by many organisations in Greater Manchester and nationally. Including the supporting comment from Woman’s Place UK stating:

“WPUK fully support those objecting to the licence application by Hooters for a premise in Salford, Greater Manchester or elsewhere in the UK.

“Hooters, and similar brands, are fortunately a dying brand. We struggle to see why any city would want to associate themselves with the outdated image of skimpily clad, objectified women serving a mostly male customer base. Openly sexist in its policies, this is not an acceptable working condition for the waitresses.

“Currently there are 10 rapes reported daily in the Greater Manchester area and convictions at an all-time low. If Andy Burnham is serious about his campaign ‘#IsThisOK’ to challenge the underlying attitudes that lead to the assault of women, then refusing Hooters would be a very basic ask.”

Men at Work, who aim to end Male Violence Against Women and Girls, are also openly objecting to the opening of the restaurant online. They wrote a letter to Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, and Salford Mayor, Paul Dennett.

The letter stated: “We have come together to add our voices to those of many women expressing their dismay and alarm at the prospect of a license being granted to the US chain ‘Hooters’ in Salford Quays, Greater Manchester.

“Girls and boys in Salford, Manchester, the wider GM region – and indeed the whole country – deserve to grow up in enlightened, progressive, and increasingly safe environments.”

Tom Farr is a lawyer specialising in Human Rights and Sex trafficking, and was one of many who signed the letter.

He wrote on Twitter: “I despair that in this day & age I even had to be a co-signatory on this letter.

“However, I was glad to add my name with the other men who object in the strongest possible terms to women’s objectification.”


Featured Image credit: FotoToad, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. What a load of shit!

    Women are more than happy to let it all hang out on Only Fans & that is their choice. Those that choose to work at Hooters also have made that choice & rightly so. Stop trying to police everything people & crawl back under your rock!

    Clearly none of you have never eaten at a Hooters restaurant!
    I will admit that I first ventured into one of the restaurants in Pittsburgh. PA thinking it was going to be great place for a 22 year-old guy traveling on his own to hang out. Turns out it was the opposite of what I was expecting & I met an amazing young lady who waiting tables. 15 years on we have been happily married for over 13 years, living in the North West with a brilliant family.
    We look forward to this opening up & will be visiting with our three children as a drive to Nottingham is a little bit too much.

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