In hope to increase voting rates in Salford, e-scooter company, Lime, is giving users free transport to and from local polling stations.

Not all Salford citizens have been exercising their right to vote. Transport should not have to be a reason to stop people from voting. Eliminating this factor and providing free transport to and from polling stations is to encourage more people to get involved.

Lime scooters have expanded their geofence after first being limited to Peel Park campus. They now cover more ground, providing scooters in Media City and Ordsall. Out of the 140 polling stations in Salford, Lime provides transport to 21 stations, within the company’s geofence.

You must have a driver’s license to sign up to use Lime scooters. Once signed up, registered voters will be provided with a promotional code to get your free ride. The app provides you with a map providing clear locations of where you can ride, as well as ‘no riding’ areas, and where you can park your e-scooter. Users can browse this map to look for their specific polling station and map out their journey.

Lime scooters were first trialed on Peel Park Campus. This scheme is presumed to encourage younger voters to start exercising their right to vote. Many students in Salford are already signed up to the Lime app as they use Lime scooters to get to and from campus. The next step for them is to register and vote if they are willing.

Polling stations are open all day today until 10pm. Lime is available throughout this time period. It is likely that polling stations will be much busier in the evening, as people be finishing work. If you ensure you are in the queue however before 10pm this evening, you will still be allowed to vote.

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