Salford residents forced to switch to food banks to eat have slammed the government over the ongoing cost of living crisis, with growing fears over affording the basics.

Reporters from Salford Now took to the city’s biggest shopping centre today (May 5) to find out more about the impact of rising costs and inflation on normal residents.

One of the local shoppers is on benefits. She spoke about the devastating impact the situation is having on her, with her energy bills almost tripling in the space of a month.

“Every bill, I must have had around 14 bills telling me they’ve all gone up.” she said.

“The more you think about the cost of living, like my car insurance, my road tax, I might as well give it all up.”

Another resident said that she is facing similar difficulties and is being forced to choose between clothing and a weekly shop.

She said: “Do I need a new pair of shoes, or can I make these last another month?” She continued saying “If you’ve not got shoes, you can’t go shopping, and if you can’t go shopping, you starve – it’s a vicious cycle.”

UK inflation has risen to 7%, the highest rate it has been for 30 years. Reports suggest that it could reach 10% by the end of the year.

Household fuel bills have also risen, with around 18 million households on standard tariffs seeing their annual bills jump from £1,277 to £1,971 on April 1 – an average increase of £693 a year.

Many are blaming Boris Johnson’s Government for failing to support lower income households.

One shopper questioned where the additional money is going, saying that there is ‘no obvious difference’ in the quality of products despite rising costs.

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