Gender Clothes Swap

A clothes swap for transgender and non-binary individuals is being held at the Partisan in Salford this Saturday.

The aim of the event organised by Trans Mutual Aid Manchester is to make gender-affirming clothing and support accessible to transgender and non-binary individuals, including people who may not be out, or may only be out in certain spaces, and those attending are encouraged to bring five of their ‘nicer pieces’ to swap at the event.

The organisers of the event have said: “[attendees can expect] plenty of gender-affirming clothing for free, an accessible space, trans and non-binary community, genderless changing spaces, accessories and helpers wearing rainbow lanyards so they are easily identified.”

According to Stonewall, one in four trans people (26%) aren’t open with anyone at work about being trans. This number increases to about two in five non-binary people (37%) who aren’t out at work.

Trans Mutual Aid Manchester said:

“Having a Trans Clothes Swap run by trans people, creates more of a judgement-free environment to find clothing that helps express oneself and a space where you can chat to other trans people about how they style and fit clothes.

“We do not police gender or presentation, and no one will be questioned at the door.”

This is the organisation’s second Trans Clothes Swap, following the success of a their event last August.

A statement from the event organisers said:

“Trans people regularly face discrimination in clothing stores; being shamed for shopping in certain sections, not feeling safe in gendered changing rooms, clothing only fitting cis-normative bodies.

“We are also less likely to have financial access to clothing and especially trans-specific items such as binders or tucking panties, which is why it’s so important that the event is entirely free.”

Along with the selection of donated clothes at the event, binders, tucking panties, bra inserts and other trans-specific items will be available.

Binders are a type of compression clothing designed to flatten the chest, and typically cost between £25 and £50 according to Gender Construction Kit.

G(end)er Swap have donated a selection of binders for the event, and Trans Mutual Aid Manchester have bought tucking panties to ensure their attendees have access to trans specific clothing they may want.

Links to guides on safe binding, along with other useful information on clothing for trans and nonbinary people can be found through the link in Trans Mutual Aid Manchester’s Instagram bio, where donation pages, information about the event, and other key resources can also be found.

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