Salford residents are ‘sickened’ after months of poor parking have left them unable to park outside their own homes. 

Media City workers have been accussed parking in the streets of residential areas, leaving residents furious over a lack of access to their own homes.

Linda Walker, who lives on an estate just off Eccles New Road said that the problems started after The Lowry was built, gradually getting worse as Media City grew.

“We haven’t always had problems but ever since the Lowry was built, we usually have people come at the weekends to park and go off to the Lowry and do their shopping then come back and that was fine to me,” she said.

“But, over the last two years it’s not shoppers, its people coming and parking every morning for work, sometimes they are here from 8-9am till around 4-5pm maybe even till 8-9pm.”

MediaCityUK is currently home to large news organisations such as BBC and ITV. Over the past few years, apartment blocks have also been constructed, with countless new homes being created on and around the Quays.

The Quays only provides four car parks for people that are accommodated in MediaCityUK as well as for the staff that work there. Due to the prices, staff have reported parking on the outskirts of the business village instead.

Linda added: “Media city is huge, the BBC is there, ITV is there, everybody is there, can they not make concessions for their own members of staff to park there, it’s not fair that we as residents of this area should have to suffer. “

Many residents believe that Media City are providing their staff with maps of areas they can park for free.

Joyce Jones, another resident from the outskirts of Media City said: I’m so annoyed, because somebody in Media City has told people to come park here.

“We live here, and there are some days where I can’t fit through into my own drive way. The bin men don’t come down some days because they can’t fit through and then my bins don’t get emptied.”

Linda added: “There is no consideration from people.

“People started to talk to me and say that they were given maps of the area for where they could park, where there were no yellow lines.”

With more housing accommodations being built the residents of Media City worry that the situation might get worse.

Joyce added: “It’s only going to get worse because there more flats coming up, and they’re not providing enough parking.”

The residents are worried that these new housing accommodations being built are going to exacerbate this situation, resulting in their housing estates being full to the max with cars.

Media City has many transportations. Bus 50 or 51 from Manchester Piccadilly Gardens to outside the Lowry in Media City. As well as multiple tram routes, MediaCityUK has currently over 650 bike spaces, including a TfGM Cycle Hub.

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