Salford Labour suffered their worst defeat since 2008, losing seats to the conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, following the election last week. 

Labour lost in Salford Quays and Ordsall which were gained by Liberal Democrats Alex Warren and Chris Twells. Worsley and Westwood Park were also lost by Labour being gained by the conservatives.

In Ordsall the Liberal Democrats almost doubled the amount of Labour votes cast.

Labour, who were trying to benefit from the Downing Street ‘party gate’ scandal as well as the cost of living crisis, failed to make any gains in the area and lost 3 seats.

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett said the results were “disappointing”.

He went on to say “what this has told me is we need to get back to the residents to properly understand what matters to them and actually deliver for those people and deliver for those communities in the Quays and Ordsall”.

Nationally, the political landscape sawlabour gaining seats, where the Labour Leader, Sir Kier Starmer said: “from the depths of 2019, we are back on track now for a general election”.

Avrohom Yitzchok Walter held his seat as an independent candidate after quitting the Liberal Democrats, only 3 weeks before the election. He said at the time “for a variety of reasons, I believe it is now in my constituents’ best interests for me to stand for re-election as an independent.”

Salford saw a small turn out in voters taking to the poll with only 1 in 4 residents casting their vote.

Worsley and Westwood Park turned blue, and Labour strongholds Salford Quays and Ordsall were taken by Liberal Democrats.


  1. Not surprised

  2. May Worthington

    I am not surprised in the least We have had Labour Council in Salford for at least 60 years and they have presided over the complete demise of this city We have lost UMP, the Docks, Cussons Colgate Palmolive Ward and Goldstone the list is endless and they have done nothing to stop the rot The Labour Chief Exec is on £243,707 a year Thats is more money than
    Johnson They have filled their boots for years and done nothing We should get rid of the lot of them ,its all jobs for the boys They are a disgrace

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