Residents of Broad Street in Salford witnessed a man cause criminal damage to their cars in the early hours on the 12th of May.

The man was said to be dressed all in black and appeared to be carrying a large weapon which residents described as either “A crowbar or a baseball bat”. He attacked seven cars on the road, using the weapon to hit the left hand wing mirror on each vehicle. Some of the mirrors ended up being bent back, however some were left completely destroyed on the floor.

Residents were alerted to loud noises around 1.30 AM before the police were called, however the assailant was long gone by then.

One resident said “I was woken up by my housemates knocking on my door telling me that there was a man outside with a weapon hitting all the cars down the street. We spoke to the neighbours to see if they’d seen anything, luckily they’d seen it as well”.

Another said “We waited inside until he was gone before we went outside and obviously we called the police. Everyone whose cars were hit were all out on the street.”

When asked about the standard of policing, the residents had a lot of praise for the officer.

“He was very helpful, the gentlemen was very nice and reassuring and gave us all of the information we needed to get everything sorted”.

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