Photographer Rino Pucci is looking for people from Salford to feature in his newest project: “When in Manchester“.

Rino Pucci is a Manchester-based photographer whose newest project aims to celebrate the people of Greater Manchester through urban portraits.

The pictures are shot in black and white, which Rino says captures the “grit” of Manchester.

Rino said:

“I have a connection with these people…

“I ask them if they want the portrait to be taken in a place that is relevant to them, for whatever reason, so maybe it’s bringing back memories from their childhood, it’s important because of the work they do, or because they met someone there.”

Rino takes note of the stories behind the significance of the places people choose to be photographed in his notebook.

He intends to work these stories into an essay that will accompany the project.


Some of these stories have particularly stuck with Rino, who said:

“There was a retired policeman who was very keen.”

The policeman told Rino he was photographed in his uniform and featured on posters for the police force, which are still up around seven years after his retirement.

Rino said:

“We took the picture, not in front of these posters, but around the area where he used to work.

“He was telling me so many details of patrolling in the eighties and nineties when he was more active.”

As a way of saying thank you to his subjects, Rino offers to take pictures for them that will not feature in his official “When in Manchester” compilation book, which they can share on their own social media pages.

Recent University of Salford graduate, Chris Lenferna participated in the project.

He said:

“[Rino Pucci] was very professional and created an enjoyable environment to work in.”

Chris also shared some of the pictures Rino took of him on his Instagram account, where he stated:

“Had a great time shooting with @rinopucci.”


Rino has found many of his subjects through social media and encourages anyone based in the area that wants to join the projects to reach out and get involved.

If you have a story to share about your connection to somewhere in Salford or Greater Manchester and would like to get involved with the project, you can contact Rino on Instagram.


All images in the article credited to Rino Pucci

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