Author: JamealaAfzaal

Picture of Magali & Olivia working out at home. Picture creds: Olivia

Mother and daughter give free workouts during coronavirus pandemic

A Salford mother-and-daughter team have been providing free workout videos to the community during the coronavirus lockdown. In the UK […]

Illustration of Hulton Streetin Salford. Image Credits: Salford City Council

Salford City Council to spend £22m on eco-friendly schemes for cyclists and pedestrians

New multi-million pound eco-friendly schemes are in the pipeline to encourage employees to walk or cycle to work in Salford instead of […]

The Little Woolden Moss in Irlam. Image credits: The Lancashire Wildlife Trust

£3.2m Carbon Landscape project aims to restore wetlands

A five-year Lancashire Wildlife Trust project will restore Little Woolden Moss in Irlam and improve other mosses in Salford. The […]