Author: Jessica Tee

Photo credit: Jessica Tee

The Grinch who stole the Salford Quay’s parcels: Delivery thefts increase in run up to Christmas

Complaints from residents across the Salford Quays have increased in the recent weeks, as parcels are getting stolen. With Christmas […]

Director of Operations, Ged Blezard with his family

“I was at the point where I wanted to discharge myself as mentally the waiting wasn’t good for me, especially when I trusted their words” – Salford woman forced to wait two days for an ambulance

A Salford woman had to wait two days to get treated for serious head injury due to the current NHS […]

image credit Jessica Tee

“It is very important for people to shop locally this year, so people can get sales and support their families” – Small businesses rely on Christmas sales to stay afloat

Salford’s creative small businesses say they are relying on Christmas shoppers to buy presents from them instead of online this […]

left image: Google street view. Right image: Public domain

“He paved the way for this”- Remembering Salford born scientist James Prescott Joule

On the anniversary of his death, Salford Lecturer Dr. Heather Yates speaks about a brewer’s son from Salford, who changed […]