Supermarket loans cheaper than internet based lenders

CONSUMERS who take out loans from internet based lenders will save more if they borrow from a supermarket branded bank.  Long-term loans which are being offered […]

NHS Trusts defend hospital car parking charges in Greater Manchester

PARKING in a Greater Manchester hospital averages between £3 and £4.50 an hour, whereas it’s almost a decade ago since the Scottish […]

Samsung are offering Galaxy Note 7 airport exchanges

TECH giant Samsung are opening exchange booths in airports around the world to try and stop the latest Samsung phone being […]

Uber profit doubles after popularity soars in cities across the UK

RIDE-SHARING app Uber has witnessed their turnover double in a year as the app has grown in popularity. The app allows […]

UK company experiments new SIX HOUR working day in Liverpool

A COMPANY in Liverpool is now experimenting with staff who work just SIX hours a day. Marketing company, Agent Marketing have […]

AO founder donates £1.5 million in shares to charity

John Roberts, founder of online white goods retailer, has today announced that is to give away one million shares […]