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“More hours and less money” – The effects of rising redundancy due to Covid

An Oldham mum and her daughter, both made redundant at the same time, have finally found jobs after six months. […]

The Car Park, pictured will be the site of the new apartment towers at Media CityImage Credit-Jaspar Shepherdson

A surge of job opportunities arises as Salford fights the economic hit from Covid-19

Salford has secured hundreds of jobs as the government moves thousands of civil service jobs out of London. The Department […]

Image credit: Stan Tomkinson

Move over London! Key BBC jobs set to move up North to Salford

Salford is set to benefit from key BBC departments and staffing moving up north in a “top-to-bottom” transformation. All 22,000 BBC […]

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YES programme comes back to tackle youth unemployment in Salford

The YES programme is returning to The Lowry to combat youth unemployment in Salford, as the UK experiences “record low” […]

Credit: Ewan Sowerby

“The arts get shunned, but without them the world would be sad” – Salford University students on coping with Covid-19’s impact on the arts

Five Salford University students have come up with an innovative way to showcase local talent. Covid-19 has left unemployment for […]

Back In Business: “It’s what we love to do” – Fibre Hairdressing on covid’s impact

Back In Business: “It’s what we love to do” – Fibre Hairdressing on covid’s impact

Many people’s first priority when they leave lockdown will be to finally get a haircut after four months of despair. […]