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The Unicorn Pub in Salford, soon to be demolished. Photo credit: Lee Hodson, used with permission

“They were the hub of working-class people, particularly in Salford” – Last Orders – The rise and fall of the Salford pubs

Salford is one of many regions facing a new ‘pub pandemic’, with nearly 25% of the UK’s pubs closing in […]

The Dockyard opens its doors. Picture taken by reporter

“This is way overdue” – Salford celebrates pubs reopening

Yesterday came the day many had been waiting for. Pubs, restaurants and bars were able to open for outdoor customers […]

What’s happening for St Patrick’s Day in Salford 2018

Irish and non-Irish people alike will be gathering together for St Patrick’s Day in Salford this weekend to drink Guinness […]

Festive revellers urged to stay safe around city’s waterways

FESTIVE party-goers in Manchester are being warned of the risk of drowning around the city’s waterways this holiday season. ‘Don’t […]

Duty tax rise slammed by Manchester alcohol industry

THE government’s decision to increase alcohol duty tax nationally has been slammed by pubs and breweries in Greater Manchester. The tax increase, […]