Author: Melissa Garlick

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Salford’s Christmas Green Scheme

Recycling around Christmas time can seem like an extra chore but here is how Salfords local community is helping you be more green over the holiday season

‘Electric atmosphere’ at Sounds From The Other City

Sounds From The Other City returns to Islington Mill for its 14th year running as music artists are welcomed to the stage by crowds of up to 3000.

Men offer accommodation in exchange for sex to students in Manchester

Craigslist adverts are being posted online offering free rent in return for sexual favours. Landlords/residents are offering free rooms in […]

Salford student hosts free Valentine ball for over 50s

Romantic dancers in their 50s enjoyed a Valentine ball in Salford at the weekend. More than 150 people attended the […]

Salford University lecturer composes Yorkshire Opera

A Salford University lecturer has composed an opera using Yorkshire inspired dialect. Alan Williams, a lecturer at Salford University for […]

The Fashion Network Sample Sale Comes to The Lowry

Manchester’s prestigious Fashion Network is hosting a sample sale at Salford’s Lowry Shopping Centre. The event will be taking place […]