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“They think we deserve death and nothing else” – Salford graduate trapped in Afghanistan desperate to escape the Taliban’s rule

A Salford graduate from Afghanistan is looking to escape the Taliban with his young family to move back to the […]

Salford University Tabletop Society dressed up for Halloween, credit: SU Tabletop Society

Salford Tabletop Society raises more than £1,500 for mental health charity

Salford University’s Tabletop Society raised more than $2,000 this week for the US charity Game to Grow, through livestreaming games […]

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“Don’t bottle it up, reach out” – Support offered to people in Salford spending Christmas alone

The boss of a student support service in Salford has appealed for people to reach out for help as the […]

Resin tear. Permission for use from: Babs Smith

Salford graduate selected to showcase her piece ‘On the Verge of Tears’ in online art exhibition Made It 2020

As art shows around the UK are cancelled, Salford University Alumna Babs Smith manages to showcase her emotional piece ‘On […]

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The Student Union project making Salford sustainable

Salford University’s Student Union is going green this month to encourage positive, environmental change. The campaign, titled “Go Green Salford”, […]

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Paws for a second: Salford uni brings in animals for de-stress session

With Christmas deadlines creeping up on students, they experience huge amounts of pressure. For well-being week, Salford University have brought […]

Campus Living “aren’t providing sustainable recycling firm”, claims new Salford student president

Campus Living “aren’t providing sustainable recycling firm”, claims new Salford student president

Salford Student Union President, Evie Adams, discusses her plans for the future and the issue of recycling at Peel Park.