Author: Lucy Fieldhouse

Janet and Cindy, Old Stock New Stock. Photo by Joe Smith. Permission for use from Megan Holland.

“Everyone’s inner warmth shines through” – The Salford Creative Arts Company Hoping to Change the Perceptions of Elders in Stock Photography

Art with Heart, the Salford-based creative arts company launched Old Stock New Stock in August with the goal of changing […]

Kate Feld - Photograph credit: Rebecca Lupton

“It’s really important to engage audiences that might not ordinarily have a relationship with poetry” – How you can celebrate Random Acts of Poetry Day in Salford

Kate Feld, poet and Salford lecturer. Image credit: Rebecca Lupton “If the day can be done on the right scale, I […]

Copyright: Salford Now

“We believe everyone should have a place to call home” – New homes completed for people facing homelessness in Salford

Ten new homes have been built for people facing homelessness in Salford due to ForHousing and the Government’s Rough Sleeping […]

Ordsall Hall. Picture credit: Lucy Fieldhouse.

“A real flavour of the building’s dramatic history” – Ordsall Hall to host lecture series about its rich history

Ordsall Hall, Salford is hosting a lecture series about the famous landmark’s rich gothic history. The lecture will be live on Zoom.

Adina Nelu playing the flute in group AMCG. Photo credit: Joe Stevenson. Permission for use from Adina Nelu

“It was really humbling to find out I was the only composer from the North West ” – Swinton composer Adina Nelu selected for Bafta and BFI programme

Adina Nelu playing the flute in group ACMG. Photo credit: Joe Stevenson. Permission for use from Adina Nelu Classically-trained film […]

Art with Heart , credit: Sam Ryley, permission for use from Rachel Moorhouse

“How do we create a world that is good for us all?” – The Salford creative arts company making a difference across Greater Manchester

Art with Heart, based in Islington Mill, Salford, is a people led creative arts company that make high quality, accessible […]

Jazz and Kat from the Peak and the Pit Podcast - permission for use from Jazmine Franks and Katherine Whittam.

“Let’s try and normalise having those bad moments and those good moments” – Hollyoaks actor joins Salford youth worker for a mental health podcast

Salford youth worker Katherine Whittam has teamed up with former Hollyoaks star Jazmine Franks to create a feelgood podcast for […]

Resin tear. Permission for use from: Babs Smith

Salford graduate selected to showcase her piece ‘On the Verge of Tears’ in online art exhibition Made It 2020

As art shows around the UK are cancelled, Salford University Alumna Babs Smith manages to showcase her emotional piece ‘On […]

Driving Lessons -Morton Lin, Flickr -

Salford learner drivers forced to cancel lessons and tests

Image credit: Morton Lin on Flickr Across Salford, thousands of learner drivers have had to halt their education as […]

Permission for use from: Heather Benson

The ‘Monton Mama’ on a mission to promote local activities and businesses

As parents across Salford try to cope with the lockdown and keeping their little ones occupied, ‘the Monton Mama’ is […]