ESTEEMED writer Michael Morpurgo saw his book ‘Where My Wellies Take Me’ adapted and brought to the Lowry theatre in Salford Quays on Sunday (March 20). Entertainment reporter Laura Steffan was invited down to check it out…

Former Children’s Laureate Michael Morpurgo made it to the Lowry theatre to read ‘Where My Wellies Take Me’ which he wrote together with his wife, Clare in 2012. Many children and their parents came to listen to him reading his best-selling book about nature on the first day of spring.

Although the plan originally was to have two more people on stage – Clare Morpurgo and an actress, who should each read out/ act a role from the book – Morpurgo ended up being alone due to the flu which kept both women from attending.

After a short, humorous introduction into the change of plans and the further proceeding, along with introducing the six-headed acapella group that would accompany the reading throughout by singing the songs that are mentioned in the book, the show started.

Since he was, apart from the singers, the only person on stage, Morpurgo mimiced all three different characters of the book, an eight-year-old girl, her strict auntie and an old farmer, each with its own unique style.

He wandered on stage while reading the girl’s parts, making gestures that would suit the storyline, such as when Clare (the girl from the book, which is his wife when she was eight-years-old) blows another one of her dandelion clocks.

A very vivid performance that made the reading appear to the kids like a mixture of both a reading and a play. He made a subtle distinction between the plot and the poems of other authors featured in the book by reading the poems in a straight voice while standing straight in front of the audience before falling back into one of the character’s roles.

After the reading Morpurgo took time to meet audience members of all ages in front of the theatre hall.

He signed books, took pictures with everyone and chatted to every single person after giving each one a proper handshake.

It seems that was the perfect completion to the event since both the children and their parents appeared very excited to meet the likeable author.

By Laura Steffan


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