RIDE-SHARING app Uber has witnessed their turnover double in a year as the app has grown in popularity.

The app allows users to book taxis via their phone and also pay from the card linked from their account, this new way of travelling from place to place and also gives users updated live information of where their car is and who their driver is.


An Uber spokesman said: “This has been a period of rapid investment for Uber in the UK, expanding from just three cities at the start of last year to more than 20 today.

“While we recorded a profit here last year, globally we make a loss as we are a young company that is still expanding and investing heavily.”

Research carried out on Twitter shows that a majority of people are now more likely to use Uber over calling a local taxi firm.

It also showed that users were more likely to use the app however if fares were lowered due to the high rise in popularity during peak hours.

Last month Uber introduced a new feature for Manchester users which meant that users could now schedule rides, this gave users the same feature that can be used when calling a local taxi firm.

The app is still continuing to add more features which means the turnover could still be growing year by year.

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