STUDENTS at the University of Salford were encouraged to leave their phones ON at a free concert by the BBC Philharmonics Orchestra on Thursday.

The Red Brick Session partnership between the university and the BBC used a live stream of synced information about the music and the orchestral score to bring a new way of viewing concerts.

Untitled[1]Simon Webb, the general manager for the BBC’s Philharmonics said: “We’ve worked with BBC research and development, to showcase this entirely new technology.

“In the room there are live program notes – you can find out about the music as you’re listening to it”.

He continued: “On the live stream you can zoom into the orchestra visually, but as you do that the sound will follow, it’s almost like live editing the concert as you are listening to it.”

Professor Alan Williams, the pathway leader for Music at the University of Salford said: “We’re so lucky that things turned out how they did, they’ve been so positive about doing work with us here at Salford.

“We’re delighted. We hope it will go on to benefit not just music students, but media students as well. We see the Philharmonic as a conduit for our students to the BBC and beyond.”


A recording of the sessions will allow anyone around the world to experience the new technology first hand, with the next and final red brick session on Oct 27th already fully booked.

Images: Paul Robinson

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