A study that has been set up by the BBC has found that the cost of Premier League match tickets has dropped in prices since the major global television deal which will see top flight clubs benefit by a minimum of £100m after the three-year deal comes in to effect.

It is the biggest study of its kind in Europe which includes 223 league clubs around the UK and Europe.

The clubs were selected from England, Scotland and Wales and another 23 clubs from around Europe.

The 2016/17 season has seen many clubs either freeze or cut their ticket prices and studies have also shown that the adult home match tickets have decreased by 6% in recent years.

The BBC spoke to Malcolm Clarke, Chairman of the Football Supporters Federation, “On their £8.3bn deal, the Premier League could afford to let every single fan in free for every game and still have as much money as they had under the previous deal.

“That gives you an idea of the scale of the amount of money they have got.”

Arsenal are still the most expensive club to go and watch with a match day ticket priced at £97 but this price has remained the same since 2014. The cheapest match day tickets are priced at £9 for Hull City and Liverpool.

Clubs such as Manchester City and Liverpool reduced their match day tickets this season whilst only three clubs increased their costs which were Burnley, Middlesbrough and Leicester City.

The Premier League’s cheapest season ticket averages at £480 which is less than the cost in 2013 when it was £489 whilst the Championship’s cheapest season ticket is priced at £322.83 which is down 5% year on year.

BBC Sport Assistant Editor, Anna Thompson said, “the study has now shown that it is actually more expensive on average and that the dearest away tickets are in the Championship than in the Premier League.”

As the study was also carried out across Europe, the study revealed that it can cost fans 450 euros for match day ticket to go and watch FC Barcelona whilst French club Paris Saint Germain will charge fans a massive 3,000 euros (£2,588) for a season ticket.

The Championship can now be more expensive for away fans than the Premier League, after clubs in the top division capped their tickets for visiting fans to £30.
















As most of the clubs have cut prices on match day and season tickets, the prices for buying a drink and a pie at half time have gone up by 17%. The cheapest club across the UK to sell a pie and a cup of tea is Forfar Athletic whilst the most expensive is West Ham United in their new ground at a price of £4.10 for a half time pie.

Whilst Manchester United sell a cup of tea for £2.50, the club would have to sell 35.6 million cups of tea to make up the cost of the record £89m fee for Paul Pogba.

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