A couple have tied the knot in their favourite Costa Coffee in Media City UK.

Bride Jacqui Jennings, 42, and groom Chris Bates, 42, decided to have their wedding reception at their local Costa coffee store where they enjoy spending their time every Sunday for a coffee and a slice of cake.

Surrounding coffee lovers sipping their afternoon drink, were taken aback as the bride walked in with a handful of dressed-up guests to take the reserved area decorated with balloons, decorations, and cakes that was especially for them.

Labelling themselves as an ‘unusual couple’, the pair have been together for 19 years, and met at Salford University both studying Special design. They decided to have their wedding reception in a Costa Coffee store after calling it their ‘second home’ and making special bonds with the manager and staff.


Jacqui said: ‘We come here every week, every Sunday, and it always feels like a second home. We love the manager and the staff are really great.’

Chris proposed to Jacqui on the 18TH November 2014 only to propose AGAIN a year after due to the first time not going quite to plan! They were officially engaged 2015 underneath the Santa in Town Hall Square.

After a few enjoyable beverages and cakes, the couple headed straight off to their five-hour drive to St Andrews for their weekend away for their honeymoon.

Craig Patient, 50, Store Manager said: ‘They’re not just our regulars they’re our friends as well, and it’s just nice for us to host their special event.’

 By Jessica Dobbs

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