OLIVE Pathway charity led a domestic violence awareness workshop at New Hope Church in Stretford on Sunday.

The charity’s founder and Chief Executive, Memory Nyahunzwi, 36, went down this weekend to Stretford to make people aware of the impact that domestic violence has on people. Discussing the most common forms of abuse, statistics and the help the charity provides to people who are victims.

A victim herself, Memory said: “I have passed through this and it is an experience which affects your entire life and I don’t want people who suffer some sort of abuse from their partner to be afraid to put an end to that relationship.”

According to the charity’s CEO, the aim of the workshop was to raise awareness on the negative impact of domestic violence and its consequences and to impart the relevant knowledge on how to cope and survive with the aftermath of domestic violence.

“Next we are planning on an African women’s conference which will take place on March 25”, Memory said.  

Olive Pathway was set up as an organisation in Chorlton in 2014, but in the summer of 2016 it became a charity that deals with both men and women who are victims of domestic violence and raises awareness about the topic within the Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities.

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