THE festive easter weekend drew spells of rain and sunshine but no variation of weather would stop the return of ANTS to Manchester, back to colonize The Albert Hall through music once again. The brand replaced their clubbing island roots and headed for the northern city, packed with them some of the biggest names in techno and all things underground.

ANTS has become a formidable brand known to deliver the highest quality through their impeccable parties, production values, and hosting events with some of the world’s best DJs, attracting fans through and far. It was clear the ANTS team made no hesitation in delivering their consistent quality for the Mancunian occasion.

Ascending on Peter Street were the faithful following, some eccentric in their clothing choice, individualist’s to a degree but all here in unison for the music ready to be united as one. The young night was filled with a sharp and cold nip to the air, yet the slightly uncomfortable temperature could not overwhelm the jubilant atmosphere already nestled among the city streets.

Arguably one of the best venues in the city center, Albert Hall underwent a makeover, transforming its already beautiful interior to the instantly recognizable ANTS decoration and production values. The roof donned the low and black tangled mess reminiscent to that of an underground ant’s nest, yet it seamlessly flowed across the hall ever not so disturbing on the eye. It was tonight that The Albert Hall swapped all things round and made of chocolate with speakers, lights, and decks ready for the ANTS ‘Mantchester’ takeover.

On the night it was solely the music and artists that had revelers flocking towards the venue and quite rightly this is what is most important to discuss. What could be considered as an early easter gift was the alteration of the night’s set times with doors opening an hour earlier to the original commencement, allowing fans to indulge longer with the music.

ANTS curated a four-strong line-up compiled with superstar names and kicking off the celebrations was Lauren Lo Sung, one of the most exciting new DJs to hit the house and techno scene. Lauren led out the opening two-hour long set on the front-foot delivering her dub-techno sound, grooves, and deep basslines all entwined together.

Lauren Lo Sung’s silhouette gleamed in front of the astonishingly LED lit backboard portraying the ant’s brand logo, yet imprisoned behind the barrier of lights which streaked along the walls and across the venue like a collection of formally lined lighthouses. The visual tech highlighted once again ANTS ability to produce high-quality productions.

Developing throughout the night the Albert Hall welcomed the change from Lauren Lo Sung to British producer Route 94, known for his hit ‘My Love’ with Jess Glynne. While the crowd began to acknowledge the maestro on stage behind the decks a remix of Moby’s – ‘Porcelain’ dropped through the speakers which knocked Albert Hall for six.

Screams and smiles engulfed every face inside, one of the many goose-bumpingly highlights of the night. Route 94 whose actual name is Rowan Tyler Jones got to work, feeding on the crowd’s vibe to curate and dictate what the fans wanted, pumping his arm in the air to the heavy sounds and beats created amidst the ever increasing tempo inside.


The Albert Hall was full of surprises with huge confetti showers raining down and around over the crowds head. ANTS were creating unforgettable moments for those who were in attendance.

Producer and label owner Nic Fanciulli headed the line-up as the third artist to deliver the goods at The Albert Hall, a household name who established his own imprint Saved Records. Nic continued the high tempo while elegantly controlling the crowd with his stellar house and techno sound which he has maintained to a high standard throughout his career.

The electronic master produced cutting deep basslines to the exuberant delight of the fans, much fitting for the renowned two-stepping action taking place high and low across the dancefloors. Another huge burst of CO2 canons rocked and pierced the air followed by more confetti which sent fans into an energetic frenzy.

It seemed as though each hour passed the Albert hall increased in capacity but for good reason, as the five-hour mark hit, Daniel Pierce aka Eats Everything took to the stage to close out the epic night. Ravers took to one another’s shoulders, compact and tight, camera phones at the ready to capture the opening tracks of Eats Everything’s set.

The ‘Let’s go Dancing’ DJ came out guns blazing with huge house-drops, one after the next, not letting the crowd rest. For those who were potentially on their last legs dug deep for reserved energy as the set exploded, no indication to slow down.

Just as fast as Eats Everything started, the set drew to a close and with that came the end of what was an outstanding night masterminded by the ANTS brand. Talk of the night, ANTS, the artists, and the production ran through the voices of the fans as they exited Albert Hall, satisfied with what they have all just witnessed.

ANTS cemented yet another night of breathtaking music. They came and united everyone as one through the shared passion for music and delivering unparalleled nights such as the Easter Sunday phenomenon. ANTS dominated the Albert Hall, the fans and the music. It is sure that the future of ANTS will see many more parties to come.

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