Shawn Mendes Illuminate
Shawn Mendes performing at the Manchester Arena

Canadian singer-songwriter, Shawn Mendes (18), performed last night at Manchester Arena for his second show of the Illuminate World Tour.

The night started with a support act from James TW, who will open the entire European tour. The British singer performed some of his own songs, such as Ex and When You Love Someone, but also a few covers.

Notwithstanding, the show kicked off properly when the man of the night, Shawn Mendes, got on stage. The singer got all the fans standing, screaming and singing along to the lyrics of his newly released song, There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back.

The first song had an alert rhythm and a completely different vibe from what we previously heard from the young Canadian, however, the next ones sounded more like what he usually sings –  soulful and emotional songs in which he puts all the passion he is capable of.

The playlist was a combination between his first album, Handwritten, and his second one, Illuminate, balancing them in a harmonic way which probably left the fans with no voice as they sang along to every single lyric of each song.

Shawn Mendes Illuminate
Illuminate World Tour

Neither the interaction with the crowd missed. Mendes preferred to give a small talk between the acts about the reasons and the stories behind some of his songs.

Before singing one of his track from his second album, Understand, Shawn said:

“I’d say that this next song is probably one of the most important songs of Illuminate and I’ve been dying to perform it live on tour. I wrote this kind of towards the end of the album and I remember how so many people at that time were saying ‘Shawn just don’t change’. I was like absolutely not, of course not, but then I thought for a second and that really made me question what I would say and do in every day life. It got me a bit. I came to the end and I kept thinking that changing truly isn’t a bad thing. We all grow up, we get new jobs, we find new people, boyfriends/girlfriends, new lives. I don’t know how to say this without sounding cheesy, but cheesy is true and that’s just the way it is. If someone tells you not to change, tell them that you’re allowed to change and that’s just life. “

Also, the singer encouraged the crowd to sing along, especially during his song Ruin, saying that: “If you wake up in the morning and you have no voice, I want it to be the reason right now. Is that alright?!”

When it comes to production, it was mostly all about the singer and his band, rather than an expensive and fancy setting which would only distract the fans. It was simple yet complex, and totally eye-catching.

The performance ended with his track Treat You Better when the singer took off his earpiece listening to 21,000 people singing along. He proved that no one could have treated the crowd at Manchester Arena better than he has done.

The singer went to Twitter right after the show to express his appreciation in a tweet:

Last night, Shawn Mendes left his heart on the stage of Manchester Arena. We are pretty certain that fans cannot wait to hear more from this Canadian guy. Everyone is waiting for him to come back to Manchester, and many hope that it will happen soon.

If you missed his concert, make sure you do not miss him next time, as he and his shows are one of a kind.

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