St James’s House in Manchester City Centre is the home of monochrome photography for four days.

CHARITABLE organisation The Photographic Angle organised the free of charge exhibition which is running from May 6 to May 10 between 10am and 3pm and features the work of many award winning photographers from all over the world.

Upon entry to St James’s House you are welcomed by a member of the TPA team and are handed a information booklet along with a lift key card to take you throughout the exhibition on the fourth, fifth, seventh and tenth floors of the building.

The exhibition is organised spaciously allowing visitors to observe the beautiful monochromatic images from near and afar.

IMG_0006 IMG_0030Not only do you get to observe stunning photography when visiting ‘Monochrome’, but you also get a beautiful panoramic view of Manchester.

There is only one day left of the exhibition, so be sure to get to St James’s House on your lunch break and enjoy brilliant artwork for free.

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