A WOMAN from Wilmslow, whose husband is suffering from an incurable disease, is desperately trying to raise money for vital home adaptations.

Lynn Mahon, 46, is hoping to raise £5,000 through her Just Giving page to install a wet room and lift at her home to support her husband John who is suffering from cerebellar ataxia.

The rare neurological condition means John requires around-the-clock care and struggles with his speech, sight and mobility.

Lynn, of Cranford Road, Lacey Green, said: “We’re trying to sort out a through-floor lift or stairlift, wet room and ramp but we can’t agree on where the lift will go because we’ve got such a small home and it means we’re having to downsize everything, which is hard because the space that we have is already compact.

“We can’t have an extension into the garden for a wet room and bedroom for John because the council said it will cost too much.”

Lynn gave up her job as a cleaner after dad of one, John was diagnosed in September 2015 and now provides full-time care with the help of her brother.

She said without a stairlift or through-floor lift the council will not grant them a wet room upstairs.

She added: “It’s very dangerous because his coordination is so poor, he could miss a step and we could both fall down the stairs.

“The stairlift would give John a sense of independence and confidence because he doesn’t have a lot of that as it is.

“He can’t bathe or dress himself, he basically needs help with everything.

“I struggle to help him in and out of the bath, he slips three maybe four times a week because he is having to step in and out of the bath from his commode chair which is extremely difficult and dangerous.”

John Mahon
John Mahon

John, 46, who also suffers from Crohn’s and coeliac disease, worked as a HGV driver before he was diagnosed.

The couple met 22 years ago at the Valley Lodge in Wilmslow and married in November last year.

They each have a son from previous relationships.

Lynn said: “Before he was diagnosed he was one of the most wonderful people you could ever meet.

“He would be there for you no matter what.

“He had so many friends, he was such a lovely man, really happy go lucky.

“It’s hard and I’d love for things to be the way they were but I wouldn’t be anywhere else.”

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