TURNOVER’S brand of confessional, emotional lyrics and beautiful, reverb laden guitar work makes an enticing recorded experience. Luckily, at Sound Control, it translated perfectly well live.

After lead singer Austin Getz gives a quick line from Frank Ocean’s White Ferrari as an impromptu sound check, they burst right into Super Natural, a standout from this years’ Good Nature record. The band are note-for-note perfect, perhaps a result of a record that feels earthier than ever for the bands career.

Austin’s floaty vocals did tend to get slightly muddled in the mix between the guitars and drums, though the dreamy style of the latest record meant this wasn’t such an issue.

The most crowd pleasing moments came from the generous smattering of songs from their breakthrough record, Peripheral Vision. These tracks, including Hello Euphoria, Dizzy On The Comedown and New Scream get the biggest singalongs of the night and draw big smiles from Austin and co on stage, who explain why being able to play worldwide means so much to them.

Beaming, the singer tells the crowd that it means the world to him and his band – which contains brother, Casey Getz – can travel to the other side of the world and play music they have written to ecstatic crowds.

The night takes a political turn when Austin takes a dig at US president, Trump, to applause, before launching into another cut from their latest, more thoughtful and easily most political record.

There’s a slight awkwardness from Austin as a stage presence; his American accent and slightly mumbled banter isn’t exactly hilarious, but the bands’ playing cannot be faulted, and they put on a straightforward pop hook laced rock show.

When the band come to the end of a great set, there’s a contentedness with the crowd that has seen Turnover’s best cuts performed flawlessly by the band they adore.

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