ANCOATS General Store won the Food and Drink Retailer of the Year award at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival Awards last night.

The store, which is also a coffee shop and bar, is located less than a 10-minute walk from Piccadilly Station.

Joseph Outram, supervisor of the store, comments on their win: “It’s nice to see the recognition for the whole shop and the whole team after we’ve won, and it’s really improved the mood of everyone around here.

photo credit Mica Robinson
all photos by Mica Robinson

“I think there’s lots of things that makes this place special; our product range is really unique and different, we have really good interaction with all of our customers.”

The 22-year-old joined the team while at university, and says: “If more people come down, and this brings more awareness to the public of what we sell and what we do, then that’s only a positive thing”.

The shop also offers coffee, craft beers, a vintage clothing rail, and a whole host of products ranging from your everyday fruit and veg to bouquets of beautiful flowers.

Quays News recommend trying their coffee shop’s beetroot latte, which many people become regulars of Ancoats General Store just to drink.

Ancoats General Store is just one of the many winners from the Manchester Food and Drink Awards, the full list of which can be found here.

Tasty selection of treats available at the store.
Tasty selection of treats available at the store.

See below for more of the stunning, chipboard based shop, and hear the full interview with supervisor, Joseph “Joe” Outram.

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