AFTER successfully launching in Amsterdam, the avocado restaurant, The Avocado Show wants to go all out and open across the UK including Manchester.

The world seems to be in an avocado hype with more and more people decorating their Instagram pages with avocado filled breakfasts, lunches and dinners, so it’s not really a surprise that a restaurant is dedicated to the fruit based dishes.

Ron Simpson, one of the owners, is half English and he says that that is part of the reason they decided to open a franchise in the UK: “A few things made us want to open in the UK. We have noticed the amount of love coming from visitors and fans of The Avocado Show from the UK and we have a huge love for cities in the UK. Julien Zaal, the other owner, used to have a business in London. We have had franchise inquiries from different cities in the UK, even before we opened.”

The restaurant’s mission is to serve cool, amazing avocado in all the best cities across the globe and to offer all clients an amazing food experience.

The Avocado Show promises all curious people and declared avocado fans an experience like no other, the company bringing everything they have to the table, to ensure an all rounded experience on top of eating great food.

“The food experience we offer is 100% different than any other. We have been around the world to see all kinds of concepts and especially the avocado ones, but nothing compares,” added Ron. “We put so much love, effort and time into our eating experience from food styling and plating to good interior vibes, from our music playlist to our staff and everything in between.”

Ron believes that their restaurant would be successful in any location: “We think it would be successful anywhere, as long as there is good quality produce and ingredients plus the people who love good food.”

The menu is designed to be friendly with everyone, promising vegan and veggie options. Watch this space!

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