THE DISCOUNT app has partnered up with numerous restaurants in Manchester in order to persuade people to donate to the homeless.

The Dealer is a brand new app launch on the 23rd October in Manchester. The app aims to get people up to 50% off their food bill, in hopes that any money they save will then be donated to one of their 100+ homeless charities.

The app was first created by Edward Alun Jones and Henry Hayes after they volunteered at their local homeless charity, The Porch in London. In their spare time students Edward and Henry loved to go out and find the cheapest restaurant deals in London, so they could enjoy a night out on a budget.

After a few years of searching on other websites for deals, the boys decided the only way they could find a deal that would suit them was to create it themselves.

As CEO of The Dealer app, Edward Alun-Jones said: ““The idea came from sitting down with restaurant owners in Oxford and asking them how best to get rid of their spare tables, and talking to my mates at uni who wanted a discounting platform that had the best independent restaurants as well as the bigger chains.

“Homelessness is a big problem in Oxford itself, and I actually worked at a homeless charity in Oxford called The Porch, and it kind of sprang out of a conversation about how to get more businesses involved with the homeless issue.”

After finalising their idea they set about finding an app designer to get them started. Due to their links in charity and restaurant firms they were able to get a lot of restaurants and bars in London on board quickly.

After their success in London, Edward and Henry decided to expand their business across the country, with their most recent conquer being Manchester.

The app is simple to use and is guaranteed to get you at least 20% off your food or drinks bill, with the maximum saving being 50%! After you have claimed your discount they app will then as if you would like to donate a minimum of 50p to one of their homeless Charites they work with.

You can donate as much as you can afford and there are no repercussions for refusing to donate.

To find out more head over to The Dealer app website.

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