A PETITION to prevent the demolition of Salford’s  Ducie Bridge pub has reached 2,500 signatures.

Adam Prince, part of the independent civic movement Manchester Shield movement, argues the support shows people have a lack of trust in planning procedures in the city.

The petition was created four days ago by  Manchester Shield, which wants to keep the building alive.

Mr Prince said: “The pub is not only important in its own right, but is also symbolic of so many different things wrong with how planning is undertaken in Manchester.

“The Ducie Bridge pub is located on Corporation Street, an area owned by NOMA development who have plans for redevelopment.

“I have been there several times to the live music venue, and also think the 1892 pub is beautiful and certainly is not beyond repair.”

The red brick building has played host to hundreds of musicians since it opened in 1923.

The Ducie Bridge pub closed in August 2015 and had since become a home for squatters, until they were removed in 2016.

The building is set to be replaced with a carpark, 250,000 square feet of offices, homes and shops which will link the centre with Manchester Arena, the Northern Quarter and Manchester Victoria railway station.

Manchester Shield says this will damage the environment.

Mr Prince said: “It will bring more pollution and unsightly zombie car parks into the city which also seems at odds with green strategies and reducing the carbon footprints for a development area which is meant to be green.

Ducie Bridge
The demolition will link the Manchester Arena, Northern Quarter and Manchester Victoria

“We are leaving behind so many people in society and all these corporations talk about working for the public benefit? How?”

On Friday, Manchester Shield conducted a ‘Chalk Walk Protest’ for citizens to express their feelings towards the demolition of the building.

Messages were chalked around the pavement near Ducie Bridge on why heritage is important, why and what they think needs to change in terms of building planning in the city.

With the building still standing Mr Prince said: “It could be a venue of great use and love again like the previous landlord had, anything is better than it being destroyed and turned into a car park.”

To sign the petition to save the Ducie Bridge Pub sign here.

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