There are not many family-friendly places around Salford and most definitely not around Boothstown and Worsley areas. But now there is Bambino.

The real-life family makes up of two brothers, one sister-in-law, a cousin, and a mother got inspired by Berlin’s kinder-cafe’s and decided to open their own, unique place ‘Bambino’ in Salford.

Food on offer at Bambino. (Bambino)

Their idea was to create not only a café with a special menu for kids, where you can find meals such as ‘Adventurous Eaters Taster Plate’ that is a mix of different tastes.From grapes to hummus, your child will have the chance to taste something new but it’s also a special place, where entire families can decide to meet up and spend time together.  Families can take part in low-cost events and activities, buy special gifts and merchandise and what is most important… feel at home!

Even though the family was definitely inspired by different famous kinder cafe’s in Berlin – they didn’t want to copy exactly what is already out there. “It was an idea we had in isolation to what’s going on in Germany.  And we wanted to do it our own, Bambino way! We felt there was a real lack of family-friendly locations for good coffee and snacks in Salford – other than Toddler Groups in Village Halls.” said Chris Grunwell – the owner of the newly opened cafe.

Other than fun and lively atmosphere, the cafe will offer loads of different low-cost activities for both kids and adults.

Bambino in salford

“We have a long list of ideas for activities so our timetable is yet to be finalised.  However, ideas we have had are for Women’s Wellbeing Evenings, Kids Language classes, interactive story time, Social Media Masterclasses for local businesses, Parent-preneur networking and Weaning/Nutrition classes for new parents.”Bambino’ has only opened on the feedback from the first visitors was amazing. We must have had 3-4 reviews yesterday on our first day of trading!”.

The family and people-friendly nature of the place reflects itself into charities. Bambino plan to donate food and tips to Salford Food Bank.

Bambino is now open for business every Tuesday-Sunday, 8:30am-4pm.

Where to find Bambino.

By Katarzyna Dziemidowicz

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