A business boss at Salford University says a quarter of students report having some form of mental health problems.  

Hatty Ruddick, president of the University of Salford’s Business Society, said universities need to do more to tackle workplace stress at a wellbeing hour at the student union yesterday.

The drop-in session allowed students to join in with activities such as office desk yoga, breathing techniques, art therapy and self-care.

Hatty Ruddick said: Hatty said: “As a university we have started to talk about it more, but we aren’t there yet.

“Work place stress is one of the biggest reasons for people to take time off sick.

“By having this month, it really brings light onto the situation.”

The event was a way to introduce future employees to wellbeing training.

The event coincides with the student’s union well being month where the university is setting up events throughout November to help tackle mental health issues.

The Business Society are hoping that next year the committee will take this on and make it something that everyone is aware of.

If you are interested in receiving advice for wellbeing, organisations such as 42nd street, The Mix, Sanctuary and Samaritans are all based in Salford and Manchester.

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