Tangled Dance Company have arrived in Manchester.

Manchester Christmas Markets, Pantomimes, drinking copious amounts of mulled wine… You can end up doing the same festive activities every year, but Tangled Dance Company are bringing you a Christmas experience like no other.

The promenade theatre performance takes the audience on a magical journey of dance and music through the mysterious walls of Heaton Hall.

‘Frosted by Magic’ encourages you to step into the realms of your imagination as it tells the story of the ‘Tailors of Illusion,’ who with their magical powers, attempt to untangle the growing roots of greed that have bewitched the hall, and eventually restore the warmth of Christmas.

From the initial small, dark room the audience could hear the hauntingly beautiful tones of Manchester’s SHE Choir. As medieval guards guided the audience through the doorway there was a moment of astonishment; the room opened out to a staircase hallway fit for a Disney Fairytale film. Not even the youngest of audience members could prise their eyes away from the alluring performance of Tangled Dance Company.

And the captivation didn’t cease, Crumpsall Concert Band and Blackley Band treated us to an array of Christmas songs creating a hypnotizing crescendo, signalling the warmth of Christmas was about to be restored.

‘Frosted by Magic’ is the brainchild of Tangled Dance Company founder Amy Hallam. It’s difficult to comprehend how one person could bring so many people from different companies together to create such a spectacle, Amy said, “In theory when I thought about it all it was very easy, but as it got closer to the performance dates it got more chaotic!

“I worked with them separately up until fairly recently, and then luckily it all clicked into place.”

“We have two fantastic groups of students from Oldham College and Pendleton College Dance Company and I worked with them separately up until fairly recently, and then luckily it all clicked into place.”

Not only is it a magical alternative to the all too common ‘he’s behind you!’ shows, it’s also a rare chance to peer beyond the windows of the Grade 1 listed Heaton Hall as it unlocks its doors for this show only.

Amy explains “We are now in our third year of performing at Heaton Hall and in our first year the hall hadn’t been opened for years and years. It’s a public building and so it’s nice to welcome the public in, and for them to experience it because it’s in their area, and we can tell people are really excited to see the inside of it.“

  • ‘Frosted by Magic’ at Heaton Hall runs until 17th December with performances on weekends only.

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  1. Wasyl Kolesnikov

    We enjoyed the show on Saturday 9th December ’18. All the artists had their own special moments to weave the show together. In our own way we look at Nature and the Universe in a deep magical way so we liked the way the show was put across. Thank you for the lovely experience.

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