A PUB in Swinton will set the table for those spending Christmas alone, as an opportunity to enjoy a traditional meal with those in the same position and tackle loneliness.

The Moorside Farm Pub will serve a discounted Christmas dinner to a number of people who would otherwise be spending this Christmas on their own.

A Christmas meal at the pub would normally cost £30 however, in attempt to get everyone together, they are charging £10 for the singles’ table.

The Moorside Farm Pub is covering the rest of the costs with the hope to get as many single people as possible to sit on the same table, so that they can spend time together.

It’s that time of year where we indulge in food, drink, music and mostly spend time with friends and family, but for some single people, this is not the case.

Gary Hanmer, owner of the Moorside Farm Pub, says: “The singles’ table for Christmas Day is not about feeling sorry for people – it’s about giving everybody the same opportunity if they’re on their own.

“We had a pub in Oswestry before here and there was quite a few single people that came in that were spending Christmas Day on their own, and we had four people that came in to eat.”

With almost one million people in the UK spending Christmas alone, it is places like this that are slowly helping  to reduce this figure

Although charities and organisations are helpful towards people who are alone at Christmas time, some feel it can be very overwhelming to introduce themselves to new people at larger events.

The Moorside Farm Pub extended their invitation for those spending Christmas alone on social media. Their post attracted a large amount of interest, with the pub already taking bookings.

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