METAL’S 11th annual Kerrang! Tour came to the Manchester Ritz and what a show it was.

Featuring the UK’s own Casey, Vukovi and Boston Manor and Australian metal kings The Amity Affliction, it wasn’t one to be missed.

First in the line up on Friday December 8 were Casey. The melodic hardcore five-piece from South Wales have recently broken through in the world of heavy music. Their unique sound boasts some gorgeous clean guitar and vocal parts but also some heavier vocals and riffs on top of some technical drumming.

After forming in 2014 and making an appearance on YouTube through their own channel and underground heavy music promoter ‘Dreambound‘ with singles ‘Hell’ ‘Fade’ and ‘Teeth’ in 2015, the band starting to gain some recognition.

Casey are to release their second studio album in March 2018

Fan Jumil Dato, who attended the Kerrang! Tour, said: “It’s crazy to see a band like Casey on this stage playing with such big names. I noticed them when they started out like three years ago and thought they were amazing.To follow them since the start, watching them play tiny venues with only a few people watching and then see them playing at a show like this only a few years later is awesome.”

After a short break from touring between September and December, Casey were back to open on the Kerrang! Tour and certainly didn’t disappoint. Opening with heavier song ‘Fade’, Casey gave fans their first taste of the heavy vibe the night was to have in store for them. The two songs which followed were the slower new song ‘Flourescents’ and ‘Teeth’. Both feature some stunning clean guitar work with a contrast between the heavy vocals provided by lead vocalist Tom Weaver and the clean melodic vocals of guitarist Toby.

To finish the five song set list (which in the eyes of most, wasn’t long enough to do their music justice), the band played ‘Hell’, a fan favourite which had the crowd screaming the lyrics back at vocalist Tom. This was followed by ‘Little Bird’, one of the bands heavier songs from debut album ‘Love Is Not Enough’. This closed the set list, just before the wall of applause which met the band as they began take their equipment off the stage.

Vocalist Weaver said to me after the set: ‘Kerrang! is an institute we grew all grew up with. It’s humbling to be recognised by an organisation that introduced us to so many of our favourite band, and represent that around the country.”

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