SPECIALISTS AT the University of Salford claim that some animals have been able to adapt to our planet’s changing climate – namely, the Tasmanian Devil.

Though it may not necessarily be a creature you could spot in Salford – you might know it best as a familiar cartoon character – the breakthrough could help scientists understand how our current climate crisis will affect different species.

Dr. Robin Beck, lecturer in Biology, explains what occurred to the species following a drastic change in temperature almost 14 million years ago.

“What happened was that the environment changed, which allowed the Tasmanian Devil and its relatives to really take off and become successful – and that may be because of other mammals, who went extinct at the time.” He says.

“So, the Tasmanian Devil actually survived because other groups who went extinct.”

Now, scientists like Dr. Beck are looking at the affects global warming has on different groups of animals and the threat it represents for the different species.

“Many of the living species of this group have very restricted ranges – they live in very small and protected areas.” He continues.

“With climate change, that could lead to habitat change, and if the habitat changes in those small areas, where these species occur, they basically have nowhere else to go.”

This, according to Dr. Beck, could lead to extinction for many unique animals.

He went on to explain what ordinary people could do in order to prevent this tragedy.



“There is stuff we can do on a personal level, to reduce our consumption, reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can,” he explains.

“Unfortunately, the problem of climate change is only getting worse.”

“If you are concerned about global warming and environmental issues, make it known to your MP, vote for people who are more likely to protect the environment, because I think that’s the most likely way we are going to make progress.”

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