RESULTS are in, and the city of Manchester has revealed what their top most attractive physical attributes they look for in a partner are, when using the popular online dating app Tinder.

For some people, being single at Christmas time can be a struggle, so they turn to popular dating apps.

Dating apps are becoming one of the most popular ways to meet your new significant other, so this Christmas over 2000 people were surveyed to discover what they are most attracted to on the popular app Tinder.

Although there is an option to fill out a biography and information about yourself, photos are a big part of the app.

Viren Swami, a Professor of Social Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University argued appearance is one of the most important things people value in a partner when looking online.

He said: “Online or app-based dating is playing a massive part in the way we meet potential partners but the process of relationship formation remains largely the same.

“Whether you spot someone in a bar or see their photo in a dating app, in the absence of interaction, physical appearance probably matters more than anything else,” said Swami.

Swami commented that there are many things which may shape our perception of beautiful, saying: “There are many things to consider when deciding what we find physically attractive.

“Culturally-shaped beauty ideals for a start, but also everything from trends in fashion to an individual’s relationship history all impact on what you personally consider to be attractive,” he said.

Two thousand people were surveyed across the country on what they rank as their top three most attractive features they look for on the Tinder app, and we’ve broken down the results of Greater Manchester.

For those attracted to men, smart or stylish dress sense was ranked as the most important, with 33% of people ranking it in their top three most important physical features when looking on Tinder.

The second most important was hairstyle, with 23.9% of people ranking it in their top three.

This was followed closely by a man being trim and athletic, the third most important attribute with 22.7% of people putting it in the top three things they look for on Tinder.


Haircut, differing from how it’s styled, came next at 19.3% of people, and finally stubble with 15.9% of people ranking it in their top three physical features.

For those attracted to women, the top feature most highly regarded on the app is being ‘curvy,’ with 44.6% of people ranking it in their top three.

Two features rank second, with 25.7% of people saying they value minimal makeup and long hair in their top three physical features.

Being slim at 24.3% was also a popular option, and finally smart or stylish dress sense was ranked in top three by 18% of people, the lowest percentage where this category was the highest for men’s attributes.

Despite all this emphasis on physical features, when asked overall, Manchester only ranked physical attractiveness as the third most important thing when looking for a partner.

The top result was personality, with 92% of Mancunians saying it would be in their top three most important things when looking for a new partner.

The second highest was sense of humour, with 91% of people rating it in their top three, and then physical attractiveness at 71%

Job status was the fourth highest factor, at 28%, and finally wealth, with only 15% of people putting it in their top three.

Supporting this research, Carphone Warehouse has designed a game inspired by the Nokia 8 ‘Bothie’ camera mode, which challenges people to correctly match up photos of real life couples.

Based on data collected by Carphone Warehouse.

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