CHRISTMAS carols could be heard coming from the Grade ll listed bandstand at Victoria Park in Swinton on Sunday, 120 years after it was built.

Bolton based jazz band, Midweek Sax were responsible for that. They performed in their second concert from the structure, amongst a backdrop of snow.

Midweek Sax band leader, Jack Byrne from Salford spoke about the timely introduction of carols to the band’s set list: “We put the carols in at the last minute, because in the summer it was all jazz and it was all swing, but it is a Christmas one, there’s snow coming down.

“We’ve always got the carol pad.”

Byrne was also enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring their music to people who would not ordinarily come across it, presented by the location of the bandstand: “If people haven’t had jazz in their life, then they’ve got something missing in life. It’s our solemn duty to put some jazz back into peoples lives.”

That point was supported by his son Mike, who is the band’s lead saxophonist. Mike said: “A lot of people, especially below a certain age, below about 60, tend not to hear this sort of thing very often and they find they enjoy it a lot more than they thought they would.”

There had been concerns over whether many of the band’s members would be able to perform at the concert, due to the heavy snow, but all the expected members managed to make the journey.

Midweek Sax intend to play at the bandstand again next year and details will appear on their twitter account when confirmed.

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