SINCE they were young, Stretford sisters Laura and Rachel have always felt like their clothes just didn’t fit them right, so instead of waiting around, they decided to create the perfect fit dress.

Their unique set of dresses are designed to combat the problem of being one size of top half of your body, and one size on the bottom.

Laura Beattie, 29, co-founder of Careaux said: “We built on that and we just wanted to address that struggle and that it was a real problem.

“When we’ve done focus groups and market research we’ve found a lot of women who are different sizes top and bottom, and I am myself so I’ve always had those struggles.”

It was important for the sisters to recognise that clothing sizes are a problem for many women, and this was a struggle they wanted to address through the dress.

Laura Beattie (left) and Rachel Beattie (right,) modelling the perfect fit dress


Laura said: “It is a completely new concept that we’ve not seen anywhere else.”

Rachel Beattie, 22, is the second co-founder alongside her sister.

Rachel expressed a desire for dresses that fit her better since a very young age, after borrowing Laura’s clothes and finding the proportions to be wrong.

Rachel said: “When I was 14 I had an image in my head for the perfect dress which is the Careaux black dress now.

“Everybody said it was a lovely idea and something they’d never seen done before, and I think it’s something that’s really hit home with women who are struggling to fit a certain size, which I know affects most women.”

The idea behind the dress is two separate parts which zip together, allowing the two halves to be different sizes.

Rachel said: “The idea is that it’s got our Careaux magic in which we call our zip round the waist, meaning it splits into a top and skirt, so it can have a different size top and bottom, which has never been done before.”

“It’s been quite funny because we applied for a patent for the idea and the design, so we had to keep the idea under wraps, we felt like spies for quite a long time.”

The idea behind the perfect fit dress is very important to Rachel and Laura.

Rachel said: “There’s two aspects to it, the dress that adapts to both the individuals shape and style as its interchangeable, then there’s the other side which is the brand that stands for believing in your uniqueness and making your dreams come true.”

Rachel and Laura are keen to push the idea on social media, to get it out to as many women who dream of the perfect dress as possible.

“We’re just trying to work on the feedback and get it out there as much as we can.

“For us social media’s been huge in demonstrating it, as it’s quite a visual idea,” said Rachel.

The company name Careaux holds a lot of meaning for the sisters.

“We thought up the name about eight years ago and trademarked it five years ago.

“Growing up our childhood dogs were called Carrie and Rosie, and that was Laura’s lightbulb moment.

“For a deeper meaning, dogs just see you as you are, and the dress just sees you as you are, without labels.”

The two halves zip together, allowing them to be two different sizes

The dress is available now on the Careaux website for £323.

Listen to their interview below,

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