THREE local charities will be supported by donations from the Intu Trafford Centre fountain fund this winter. 

Intu Trafford Centre will be collecting coins from their fountain in the shopping centre and splitting them between three local charities in Manchester.

They will be supporting the Trafford Domestic Abuse Service, local bereavement support charity Once Upon a Smile and the ABF The Soldiers’ charity which all carry out work in Salford.

Brigadier (Ret’d) Robin Bacon, Chief of Staff, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity commented: “We are delighted to have been voted as an Intu Trafford Centre Fountain Fund Partner.

“We help soldiers, veterans and their families in times of need wherever they may be in the world.

“In the last year, we have helped soldiers and veterans in the Salford area with a range of needs.

“This includes giving a grant towards a recumbent bike for a wounded soldier and awarding a grant to a veteran to take part in a Lifeworks course to help with his employability.

“Our grants span across a range of needs including mobility, house improvements and elderly care.”

intu Trafford Centre Fountain Fund
One of the 14 fountains at the intu Trafford Centre. Image: CC

Alison Niven, regional centre director at intu Trafford Centre, said:

“There are 14 fountains in total at intu Trafford Centre, ranging from the dolphin fountain which shoots streams of water into the air, to the fountain outside Debenhams which depicts Circe the goddess of magic and her water nymphs.

“When intu Trafford Centre opened in 1998 it soon became apparent that the many fountains which make up its unique architecture were attracting more than just onlookers.

“The fountains, particularly the mermaid fountain in Barton Square and the dolphin fountain on Peel Avenue, were often surrounded by lots of little children throwing in their pennies and making a wish.

“This, coupled with the fact that our research revealed shoppers were keen to see us invest in local charities which support children and families, showcased a clear opportunity to make a difference.

“However, I don’t think anyone expected the sheer volume of coins we’d be able to donate – since 1999 we’ve raised over £600,000.”

“Our fountain fund charities not only benefit from the coins donated in the fountains, but also two years of support via staff volunteering days, promotional space on the mall to raise awareness, fundraising events and much more.”

Once Upon A Smile
Volunteers at Once Upon A Smile coin count Image: Once Upon A Smile

Lorna Pitman, from the Charity Once Upon A Smile said:

“As a small local charity it is great to be involved with the intu Trafford centre fountain fund.

“The money raised makes a huge difference and helps support our children bereavement support groups. It is also a great opportunity for our supporters to get involved and volunteer”.

Trafford Domestic Abuse Service

CEO Samantha Fisher said: “We are extremely excited about being one of intu’s chosen charities for 2018-2020.

“Not only will the fountain fund enable us to deliver community awareness projects to women, men and children and young people, it also enables the public to see that domestic abuse is happening and we need to be speaking about it and educating young people on healthy relationships.

“It will raise awareness to the fact that services are available to people who may be experiencing domestic abuse or those who are supporting a family member or friend”.

Every single coin that is received through the fountains at intu Trafford Centre is cleaned, counted and will be donated to the chosen charities for the next two years.

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