THE LGBT Foundation have commended the dismissal of a special constable after a homophobic Facebook comment.

Jessica White, Community Safety Coordinator from LGBT Foundation, said: “Manchester’s diversity and inclusivity is what makes this such a great city to live in, and we work closely with Greater Manchester Police to ensure that this remains this way.

“We welcome the Chief Constable’s swift and positive action in this case and for sending out a clear message that discrimination against LGBT and other communities is completely unacceptable.”

Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Manchester Police, Ian Hopkins, dismissed the special constable without notice and announced the action in a Tweet on Thursday afternoon.

The unknown constable, a trained volunteer who works with the local police, posted the inappropriate comment on the social media site which Hopkins said has “no place in policing.”

Chief Constable Hopkins explained the dismissal on Twitter, writing: “This afternoon I have dismissed without notice a Special Constable from @gmpolice for making a homophobic comment on a disgusting homophobic post on Facebook.

“Totally unacceptable behaviour and no place in policing for this.”

Social media users have applauded the Chief Constables action, calling it “a very positive move” and thanking Hopkins for withholding a zero tolerance ideology.

The GMP Pride Network also responded to the Tweet and wrote: “This is a really positive action by our Chief Constable, sharing this on social media, sends a positive message to the LGBT community and other communities that hatred and intolerance is not acceptable in GMP #WeStandTogether #PoliceWithPride.”

It is still unclear what comment was made by the special constable.

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