CRIME in Salford has increased by 61%, which is the highest average rise in the Greater Manchester area.

Salford attracts many students due to Manchester’s famous night life and their well-established Universities. However, with many students living away from home it makes them a prime target to criminals.

With students staying out late or forgetting to lock doors and windows it makes their houses vulnerable.

Counselling student, Chloe French, explained how her shared student house in Salford was targeted whilst her housemate’s and herself were out for the evening. She stated that they came back to the house to find their doors “kicked down” along with “big muddy footprints all over them”.

Chloe revealed, “They took £6000 worth of property.”

She also explained how the same thing happened last year to their same house, “we don’t know if they are connected, my housemate said she was taking to a builder outside our house a few days before the burglary and she said that she was asked lots of questions by him about the house and if we were students.”

Last year, in Manchester, more than 1,000 student homes were burgled according to Manchester City Council.

Statistics from Manchester City Council have revealed that one out of ten students in Manchester are a victim to a crime.

Chloe revealed, “I feel quite vulnerable in my own house, which you shouldn’t have to, I was there last night on my own and everyone else had gone out so I locked myself in.”

Students can head over POLICE.UK to get more information about crime in there area, and can make it specific to what crime they are wanting to check the facts about (map seen above).

The Council are urging students to make sure everyone in a shared house are taking precautions to try to prevent these crimes. Simple things, such as making sure all doors and windows are locked before leaving the house, and reporting any odd behaviour will hopefully make a change.

Greater Manchester Police run a Facebook page where students can head over to get crime updates in their area. Advice for students can be read on the page along with tips which may be helpful for current and future students in the Manchester area. For more information click HERE.

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