The City of Salford Trampoline Club has purchased a new building to facilitate its members of both trampolining and gymnastics.

The club’s new home is situated on Cramp Street in Higher Broughton, and has undertaken refurbishments to bring the building back to a suitable standard.

Salford City Council, along with members of the club, helped fund the refurbishment through fundraising events and donations. Club secretary Stephen Wood, who has been a member of the club since he was four years old, described the budget for the job as “shoestring”.

Some of the more drastic jobs included ripping out toilets and sinks, tiling floors and even painting the extensive gym walls. Parent’s of club members have even donated towards equipment, with one parent providing hand-dryers for changing rooms.

The club’s high quality apparatus includes vaults and matts used in both olympic and world championship competitions. A  trampoline belonging to City of Salford Trampoline Club was also hired out to the BBC for Olympic silver medallist, Bryony Page, to perform a routine on Blue Peter.

Refurbished bathrooms to match the club’s colours







The building’s previous owners, Salford Community Leisure, had left the site run down and practically neglected. A leaking roof had left one part of the building like “walking through a long shower”.

The club aimed to get rid of the ageing brick walls and stale wooden doors by transforming the site into a modern hub for trampolining excellence. The red and black paint is now consistent throughout each corner of the building, representing the club’s corporate colours.

Before the building was transformed

The total amount of time spent on the relocation is nearly two years, from the minute conversations began to finalising touches. The relocation has also allowed the club to expand and offer new activities for members, such as a dance studio which can be used for;

  • Zumba
  • Metafit
  • Pre-school
  • Ballet

There are also talks of a potential outdoor gymnastics park, suitable for members to train and exercise outdoors in the summer months.


The club also leases the building to Involved Salford, a gym aiming to bring local communities together. The top floor renovation features a fully equipped gym available to Salford locals, with a fee of just £14.99 a month or £5 a week.

Involved Salford gym

Both City of Salford Trampoline Club and Involved Salford work closely with the local community to strengthen participation, especially in youths. The club encourages those to take part and essentially this can help in keeping children off the streets.

Involved Salford

City of Salford Trampoline Club hopes to continue its success once the relocation has officially been completed, boasting olympic stars such as Lee Brearley.

As the finishing touches come together, staff have high hopes for a successful grand opening which has potential to take place this summer.

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