Romantic dancers in their 50s enjoyed a Valentine ball in Salford at the weekend.

More than 150 people attended the De La Salle sports and social club on Sunday for the event hosted by The Launch Project.  

The Launch Project, founded by Salford University student Natalie Lek, is an independent community minded charity that promotes a happier and healthier community. 


Guests from all over Salford attended the event with various care homes and residential areas that house people 50 and over taking part to help cater and host the ball.  

Throughout the day Natalie Lek allowed us to interview her about the projects upcoming aims and told us more about why she decided to take a year out from university to help the community.

The full interview is below:

The day went off without a slip and guests were able to dance, interact and eat cake to their hearts content.  

Mum of five, Natalie Lek plans on hosting events every 4-6 weeks throughout the year as a personal project to help the people of the community.  

Lek will return to Salford University in September in 2018 to complete her final year studying her degree in co-orporate law.

Since The Launch Project was founded, Natalie has raised money for the community and fed thousands of families across Greater Manchester.

The scheme is aimed at people of all ages and the Valentines Ball is one of many events that are planned throughout the year to help combat lonliness.

“It’s just nice to be able to get out, when you’re my age you start to feel like life is passing you by. I live by myself at the home, I like to get out as much as I can but it can be hard.” – Anthony, 96

Most of the people attending the ball said that they felt lonely at some point already in the year and were eager to know more information about Natalie and her work in and around the community.

Some of the future aims of the project include:

  • An Easter weekend event consisting of fun events for children and families after a donation of £1 each child will get an easter egg and can enjoy face painting, craft activities and a visit from the easter bunny.
  • The big Sunday lunch, a monthly dinner TLP hosts to bring families in the community together, for just £2.50 you can get a full Sunday lunch.

Elderly residents in the local area found out about the event through community notice boards, posters situated in local doctors and through the Salford council website.

For more information regarding events and how to get involved with the local community, you can go to


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