A group of Salford university photography students have taken over the Plant Noma event space in Manchester for a special exhibition on Thursday 1st March.

The one-off exhibition will include artwork from student photographers Eleanor Lloyd, Alexia Croft, Brigita Kudirkaite, Jack Hauxwell, Sian Doyle, Sophie Clark, and Natalie Whittaker, with an overall theme of ‘office spaces’.

It focuses on the mundanity and uniqueness of a typical British office, some after they have been abandoned, as well as items left behind that create certain messages in the scenes.

Eleanor Lloyd, one of the student photographers, suggests that anyone with an interest in arts and crafts should take the chance to visit.

She said: “The inspiration behind it was empty and abandoned office spaces because when you think of typical office spaces you think of people on desks.

“We wanted to show people a different side from when people have left the building to its own devices”.

Exhibition member Natalie Whittaker said: “The event will be a unique experience suitable for all ages to enjoy.

“Each team member has tried hard to deliver the theme in a different way, which turns a typically dull sounding subject into something anyone could be interested in.

“Some of the images on display make you think differently about offices, the things people leave behind, and some of the messages portrayed by the objects in the picture.

“It will be a really unique insight into the topic and we’ve all put a lot of effort in as a group to make it fit for everyone, plus the free wine is a great excuse to come visit.”

The free exhibition will begin at 4pm and will run until 9pm, and is held at Plant Noma, on Redfern Street in Manchester (M60 0AB).

Refreshments will also be provided free of charge.

‘Behind the Aesthetic’ is one of many events coming up at Plant Noma, with days such as the ‘Free for Arts Festival’ (3rd March), ‘Feedback’s Spring Fiesta’ (10th March), and ‘Mrs B’s Spring Clean Swap Shop’ (7th April) to look forward to.

For more information on Plant Noma’s upcoming events, please visit their website here.

For more information on ‘Behind the Aesthetic’, contact Eleanor Lloyd on 07504192427.

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