STARBURST Magazine hosted a film festival at MediaCity UK on Friday 16th March and Saturday 17th March. 

The event was to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the film fanatic magazine and was held at The Landing, Blue Tower, M50 2ST, Salford.

Martin Unsworth, 48, Assistant Editor, said: “Tonight we have got Jörn Buttgerei, a german director, and his film ‘Nekromantik’.

Jörn Buttgereit (third from the left)

“It was refused distribution in this country. Back in the day I tried to import a VHS of it and it was confiscated. It is very gritty but it is very disturbing. That will get a reaction but theres is a lot of fun films on as well.”

“Working with The Landing in media city has been great because its a lovely venue as you’ve just seen and I think it’s going to be good for everybody”

When asked what he was looking forward to most tonight he replied: “Having a drink!”

Starburst Magazine will be celebrating by screening a whole plethora of cult films including; Tremors, Kingdom of the Spiders, Silent Running, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Killer Klowns, The Humanoid, Battle Beyond the Stars, A Boy and his Dog, Event Horizon, Hounds of Love, The Greasy Strangler, Gattaca, Altered States, and a surprise screening to open the show!

Special guests include; Jorg Buttgereit, director, Tom Paton, director and editor, Rob Sellers, author and writer, Dez Skinn, publisher, and Brian Gorman, writer, artist and performer.

Some the writers and organisers involved with the magazine and the film festival.

An important part of the event is the STARBURST Fantasy Awards which puts a spotlight on current emerging talent.

The categories are; Best Performance, Best Short, Best Director, Best Feature, Brave New Words Book Award and Independents Day Award.

The magazine began in 1977 by creator Dez Skinn and is now in its 443 issue. Starburst Magazine specializes in sci-fi, fantasy, horror and cult film. The magazine is published monthly whilst online content is added daily.

Below is a video that the website published to YouTube about this event back in 2016.

Below is a video of The Landing where the event will be taking place.

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