Salford Heart Care was established in 1987 and has been helping local communities within Salford ever since. 

Salford Heart care was originally founded by Bernard Hamilton, who has since sadly passed away. Mr Hamilton had suffered from a heart attack whilst living in Salford. This opened his eyes to the lack of support that was on offer for people who had suffered from a heart attack.

Mr Hamilton launched his new innovative to help people in the local community by establishing what is now known as Salford Heart Care. The charity offers a variety of services and activities that range from gentle exercises to blood pressure checks. Everything the charity offers, endorses and promotes good health and a positive attitude.


The charity helps people in a number of different ways to ensure they regain both their mental; and physical strength after a heart attack.

“We’ve offered things like exercise, information on healthy eating, gentle exercises like Tai Chi and also relaxation for reducing stress levels”


As part of Salford Heart Cares mission statement, this charity goes above and beyond to give those affected by these diseases the best support and activities that they can offer. The charity often plans excursions within the UK for members of the charity. This gives them the opportunity to show members of the community who suffer from cardiac related illnesses that you can still enjoy life after a heart attack.

The charity doesn’t operate alone however, with a number of branches across Salford.

“So as a charity, Salford Heart Care set up several community groups. We call them ‘healthy heart clubs’ and we’ve got several that operate across Salford. They offer people the chance to come along and socialise with people, make new friends and learn how to improve their health.”

If you want to get involved with the services and events that this charity has on offer, you can find everything you need to know at their website.


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